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GoProjex, Inc. was incorporated in 1998, following the completion of two years development of its first project management groupware application for Lotus Notes, GoProject/CRE.

Based in Los Angeles, California, GoProjex, Inc. is the outgrowth of a project management consulting firm, PMLA, Inc., which provides services to corporate clients for real estate and construction projects throughout the United States. PMLA was established in 1992, and currently numbers a professional staff of twenty between its three offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco, California. The firm has completed more than five million square feet of major construction projects to date, and is recognized as a leader in the field of outsourced consulting services.

In the course of its efforts to develop an application for the management of multiple engagements by its internal project managers and external teams, PMLA took a process-driven approach. By analyzing each step in the workflow from project inception to closeout, the need for documentation, communication, and interaction was identified, and a component created within Lotus Notes to address it. The resulting product was first used by the firm's staff and clients, then enhanced based on performance against objectives.

The development team formed GoProjex, Inc. at the completion of PMLA's 'real-world' trials to independently license and support its first product, GoProject/CRE, which was introduced at Lotusphere in January, 1998. Subsequent upgrades led to the creation of four independent modules for the CRE marketplace—Project Administration, Construction Management, Real Estate Transactional and Move Management & Help Desk—as well as the introduction of a version for information systems and technology managers, GoProject/IT, in January of 1999.