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Tools for the Project Managerl


Today's Project Manager is a Time Manager, Money Manager and Relationship Manager. You've got to adopt the tools and capabilities to manage your projects and teams using internet access and paperless documentation, in Web-time.

GoProject allows you to create a Web site to manage information, resources and expectations, and to get results, with access to information anytime, from anywhere, without a lot of training or outside support. Quickly, inexpensively, with total control of information and absolute security.

GoProject offers these easy-to-use tools:

  • Conference Reports document actions and discussions, posted to the database or faxed from your computer, tracking activity from meeting to meeting
  • Capital Appropriation Requests establish new projects, with encrypted approval functions and configurable routing and e-mail notification
  • Time-tracking tools allocate resources and monitor time charged to the project
  • Change Requests document cost and time issues
  • Project Budgets track costs and disbursements
  • Electronic Invoice Approval and Contract Management tools create P.O.s, route invoices and record actions
  • Request for Information (RFI) forms provide e-mail notification, track response time, and generate printable reports
  • Schedules can be created in the format you choose, posted for team review
  • Web-based Requests for Proposal and real-time response reports provide instant analysis
  • Standard Tools include a Master Directory and contact list, an index for General Documents, and Web-based Document Approval forms

Install GoProject on your Domino server, or let us get you up and running on a Hosted Server provided by Alchemy Communications Inc, a premier provider of such Internet business solutions as collocation, redundant connectivity, streaming, hosting, storage and other quality managed services.

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